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Creation Ruling Mandate Overview

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Q: What is this thing?

A: The Creation Ruling Mandate is a set of house rules for people running nations and domains.


Q: What do I need it for?

A: If you're not running a nation or something?  Not at all.

If you're runing a nation, but it's pretty much just a background thing, and you don't want to interact with it significantly?  Not much; it'd be nice to get it stated out, but not vital.

If you're running a nation, and it's very integral to your concept?  More so!


Q: How's it work?

A: Domains generate Talents, which are spent by the leader on Works.  Works are used to improve domains.


Q: My character is awesome at being a leader!  What's that do for me?

A: Being awesome at being a leader can let you have a domain that runs more smoothly, or get projects done more quickly.


Q: My character has charms to make him awesome at being a leader!  What's that do for me?

A: Charms are being evaluated presently.  Watch Creation Ruling Mandate Charms for details.


Q: Can I do stuff without being a leader?

A:  Yes, although you won't be as effective.  In general, it's a little harder for a non-leader to influence a domain as it is for a leader, and they operate at half-efficency or less.  These actions are generally resolved as a Universal Conflict Resolution Trick.


Q: How often do I do stuff?

A: Once an OOC month, which is an IC season.


Q: Whom do I talk to about doing Creation Ruling Mandate stuff

A: In practical terms, Black Silk Star (or his alts, Sour Sadness Tiger and Visions of Blue).


(Post additional questions here!)



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