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Command: Roll

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    +roll is a dice-rolling program that references the statistics written on your character sheet, sparing you the effort of calculating your die-pools manually.  It can add dice, subtract dice, and change the target number (which by default is 7).

  • To just roll a number, type +roll #.
  • To roll an attribute, virtue, ability, or other traits, type +roll trait.
  • You can roll sums of traits and numbers, such as +roll Strength+Craft+3 to hold together a failing dam with your bare hands.
  • You can also subtract traits and numbers, such as +roll Dexterity+Melee-3 to strike a killing blow with a crippling hangover.
  • You can roll so that only specific people can see.  For example, to send a roll to Kaze and Ayesha, you'd type +roll Stamina+Resistance to Kaze Ayesha.
  • You can roll so that only staff and you can see it by using +roll/private.
  • You can change the target number by ending with vs #, as in, +roll Charisma+Presence vs 5.


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