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Character Index

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Player characters are listed by type; non-player characters are listed by the venue they're connected to.


Do you have a character that isn't listed here? Go ahead and add them and a page for them, and you'll get an experience point for it. You can get an additional experience point once per month for keeping your character page up to date. PLEASE LET US KNOW THAT YOU'VE DONE THIS VIA THE MISC QUEUE!


Please prefix the character page with 'PC:' however - for example, PC: Aziza Zindzhi.


You can find the utility some people use to make their little chibi pictures at http://www.tektek.org/dream/ .


Inactive Character Index



(Staff Responsibilities)

  • Kukla
    • Mela
    • Arcadelt
    • Chejop Kejak
    • Debok Moom
    • Orabilis
    • The Ebon Dragon


Player Characters


The South:


Dynastic Scions





  • Mycol 


Mortal Heroes


The East:


Mortal Heroes




Terrestrial Exalted











Abyssal Exalted


Solar Exalted


Lunar Exalted


Infernal Exalted


The Dead


The Mountain Folk


  • Ryudori (Formerly Soldier of Misfortune)
  • Ogo Gog (God of Empty Places)




Nonplayer Characters



The Hundred Kingdoms


The Vir Sidus Empire

  • Champions of Vir Sidus, for the vast majority of the Military NPC's
  • Crasus Rigel, Godblooded Corsair of Delanare's Civic Legion
  • Gauis Vinter, Senator of Delanare
  • Silver Swan, Dragon Blooded former Queen of the Thousand Lakes. Darius's Mother
  • Julian Taleth, Minister of Reconstruction
  • Crasus, Vir Sidus God of War
  • Jante, Patron Goddess of Delanare
  • Rowan, Count of Delanere




  • Second Captain of the Royal Guard, Lomas
  • Master Gardener, Lyuben


The Ledaal Catala Household

  • Ledaal Catala, the ancient house matron is a sorceress and scholar with few peers, changes gender every year to keep her essence balanced
  • Ledaal Catala Qiquao, a very handsome diplomat
  • Ledaal Catala Jiopo, a powerful sorcerer and warrior
  • Ledaal Catala Froha, gifted with prophetic dreams
  • Ledaal Catala Kaesha, a snarky sorceress, sister of Froha






Silver Pact


Non-Pact Lunars


Dragon Kings











The Dead


The Raksha

  • The Opal Court
    • The Prince, Balor's Heir?
    • Thousand-Cuts Blade (Eshu): Raksha master of Even Blade Style.
  • The Arch of Bones
    • Alabaster Poisoned Barb
    • The Hollow Ones (Former Humans)
    • The Hollow Stone (Cataphract, dead): She might come back as something different; her grand daiklave was retrieved, and with it her graces.
    • Rohn Seventh, Laughing Man (Trickster):  Visited Rowan to deliver a message.  Distinguishable from other Laughing Men by having seven fingers on his left hand.
  • The Silver Clouds
    • Duke Chanis (Eshu Lord) (deceased)
    • Lady Weeps Endless Glory (Chanis's former lover)
    • Lord Promises Broken in Stone (very manipulative)
    • Lord Spears of Torment (deadly hunter) 
    • The Horned Kings (Cataphractoi)
  • The Amber Court (noble knights who fight wyld beasts that enter creation, ...or ride them)
  • Unaligned 
    • The Ice Queen  ...Extremely powerful, but willing to take dreams passively and fight off other Fae in return for noninterference, only exists near Greyfalls in the Season of Air
    • The Smith of Midnight  ...Very mysterious, powers unknown.  Can only be found serving the Ice Queen after the toll of Midnight.
    • Ahri Rahaaj the Crimson, The Laughing Man of Saltwater Vale (Wizard Lord): Can be distinguished from other Laughing Men by his intense blue eyes behind the mask and complete mastery over his Way Grace.  Recorded as having been killed twice, believed to still be at large.  Capable of changing shape.
    • Cerulean Star (Anarch): Currently relocating to Rathess.
    • He Who Hunts (Eshu, dead): Killed by Gilded Rose and allies.
    • Present Readiness Unveiled




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