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Character Creation and Advancement House Rules

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Changes in XP Cost

  • Willpower costs a flat 10 xp per dot, rather than 2 xp per current dot. Buying Willpower
  • All characters pay 8 xp for favored charms, 10 xp for unfavored charms, and (8xp times your current Essence) to raise your Essence by one dot. Bowser Revolution
  • All characters recieve five free charms at character creation, as outlined in Bonus Excellencies for New Characters


Character Creation

If you're making your character for the first time, you'll need to know the character creation house rules.

The Sidereal splat is not available. Many apologies.


Backgrounds House Rules

Whether you're generating your character or spending your experience on fun new abilities, it's important to know what house rules we have regarding your backgrounds.


Merits and Flaws House Rules

Rules for the merits anyone can get.


Character Advancement

Characters primarily gain experience through the recommendations of other players, from running scenes, or from other extracurriculars. Check out MP XP Policy for more details.


In general, we ignore the training time guidelines from the core book; they impose more limitations on character growth than is our policy to deal with. However, we do hold some traits, such as Essence or high-ranked Artifacts or Manses, to a higher standard. Check out Training Time for more details.


Rebuilding Your Character

You've played a long time, you've reconsidered how you want to play the game, and you've realized that your character that you've spent so long on is just tiresome. The point is, you want to change your character's statistics. Here's the rules.

  • You can choose to completely rebuild your character from character-generation, keeping 75% of your spent XP and 100% of your unspent xp, once, for any reason. That means if you have a 400 XP character, after a rebuild you'll have a 300 XP character.
    • You can only do this once!
    • The rebuilt character is still 'essentially' the same character.  Although almost anything mechanically can change, rising or falling, it remains the same person narratively speaking.  An IC explanation for radical changes in competence should be considered.
  • If your mortal character goes through Exaltation, you must rebuild your character as an Exalt of the appropriate type, but you keep 100% of your XP at Exaltation. This does not count against the one-rebuild-per-character limit.
  • After the staff decide on a house rule that affects your character, and you feel this rule change invalidates the design decisions you made for your character, you will be refunded any XP immediately relevant to that house rule. For example, if the staff decided that the Fivefold Bulwark Stance reduced the DV penalty of a flurry as a whole rather than of every action in that flurry, you could trade in your Fivefold Bulwark Stance charm for it's full XP value if you wished to.
    • You can do this whenever your character is 'nerfed' by a new house rule.
  • If you have never used a charm, spell, thaumaturgic degree, or other binary character trait which you have purchased, you can trade it in for another trait of equal value.
  • If your character retires or dies, your next character will have 50% of the old character's spent XP and 100% of the old character's unspent XP at time of death, and XP for any unrewarded +recc's will be provided in full to your next character.



You can trade in one Specialty for another one in the same ability for 1 xp.



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